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Head Stone Restoration and Repair

Restoration and repair of stone statues and monuments is a large part of Acme Memorial’s business. We take pride in helping communities, churches and cemeteries preserve the structural integrity and beauty of monuments that may have been hand engraved hundreds of years ago.

Monuments are designed to endure, but time and exposure to the elements take a toll. Tending to small repairs and maintenance needs as they arise may increase the longevity of a structure. Acme Memorial Monuments services are available for stone and monument restoration projects of all sizes and materials. Our dedicated crafts people take pride in their work and are committed to thorough and detailed restoration for all jobs.

Frequently requested stone repair and restoration services include cemetery restoration and/or headstone repair, mausoleum restoration, and statue repair and restoration.

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This is to certify that the monument described on this certificate meets the high quality standards set by Acme Memorial Company Inc. It is also certified that all parts of this monument are manufactured out of (name of granite), and that no coloring matter, waterproofing on exposed surfaces or other damages materials have been applied. Acme Memorial Company Inc hereby guarantees to remedy or replace free of charge any defective portions due to their materials or workmanship. Replacement will be of a comparable grade of granite as nearly
identical as possible to the original. This warranty extends to the original purchaser, the purchaser’s heirs or assignees.

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