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Our Lettering Services

Add-on inscriptions for monuments and markers are done in the cemetery. We pay strict attention to the letter style and by what technique it was cut, in order to match the existing lettering. If you have a photograph of the memorial it would be very helpful to us in properly determining the exact lettering.

We must take a tracing of existing letters to ensure that the new lettering will match the old and that there is room for the new inscription. These are very important considerations to enable a good match to the existing letters. When taking the tracing of letters, we can determine the cost of cleaning and repainting the monument if the customer desires.
Matching old hand cut letters requires skilled craftsmanship since computer cut letters usually do not precisely duplicate them. This is the way the original letters were inscribed and new letters should be done to match.

Other Lettering Types

The traditional sunken style of lettering is not the only one available. Names can be outlined frosted, raised polish, rustic, etc..

We ask that you contact us to determine how best we can help you. Since many cemeteries have rules and procedures to allow contractors to work in their cemetery, we would need the detailed cemetery and burial information, including the name(s) now on the memorial to be duplicated, to determine what is required in your cemetery.

If you have the need for Cemetery Lettering, please contact us at (650) 755-1117 and we will be happy to help you get lettering inscribed on your existing headstone.

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