Custom Design Monuments, Create An Everlasting Memory!

Providing custom design monuments. It has been in business, since 1984

Custom Design Monuments

Each of the carving options below can be customized with any design of your choice. We have a large selection of headstone designs as well that you can browse at our store.

Acme Memorial Company Inc specializes in personalizing each monument or headstone to exact specifications.

Sunken Design

Sunken Design involves cutting into the stone using the same process as the lettering. Sunken and Frosted designs are the most popular.

Shaped Carving

Shape Carved Design involves carving out the design to have a 3-D effect. Not all designs can have this process done.

Deep & Frosted

Frosted Design involves v-lining the outline of the image in black and removing the polish from the field of the design.

Ceramic Picture

What a fitting, beautiful finishing touch to your loved one’s final resting place, whether marked by a granite, marble or bronze headstone, monument, mausoleum, crypt or urn.
Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes: Oval, Circular or Rectangular.

Monument Portrait

A hand etching consists of using a diamond tipped engraving tool to draw or “etch” directly onto a polished monument. An etching looks best when it is done on a polished black granite monument because this will give you the greatest contrast. Etchings can also be done using laser machines. These are called laser etchings.