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Upright monument headstones are tablet style gravestones that sit on a granite base, and are set on a foundation. They can vary greatly in shape and size, limited only by a specific cemeteries set of cemetery regulations. Single upright headstones, or “individual” upright monuments are generally taller than they are wide, while double upright headstones or “companion” upright monuments tend to be wider than they are tall – allowing more space for the engraving of two names.

The upright tablets in this gallery are meant to be used to identify a desired monument shape or style, but can be customized for use as either an individual or a companion tablet, with or without any included bronze or other design element pictured. At Acme Memorials, we specialize in custom upright monuments.

Jewish Style

Catholic style

Russian Style

Chinese Style

Korean Style

Japanese Style

Vietnamese Style

Samoan Style

Monument Granite Stone Gallery