Sculptures, Carvings and Statues

Sculptures, Carvings and Statues Are Popular Monument and Memorial Options.

Monument Statues

Acme Monument has experienced monument designers and sculptors on staff that incorporate customized sculptures, carvings and statues in the memorials we design and build.
Statues are a memorial option that is popular with our customers. These carved or cast figures of a person or a symbol are affixed to a monument or memorial. They are commonly made of bronze, granite or marble. The skilled sculpture craftsman at Acme Monument are adept at the art of making two and three dimensional representations by carving and shaping granite, marble and other stone materials. Commonly requested sculptures include religious figures, saints, crosses and flowers.

We has been enhancing gravestone and cemetery monuments with carvings of religious objects, floral designs and personalized figures and symbols.

Sculpture helps us remember our loved ones as individuals using old world craftsmanship.
A hand-sculpted memorial lets us capture personal memories and bring them to life in enduring stone. The artwork can depict personal interests, religious images, and other symbols important to you and your loved ones.

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